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Are you an European enterprise or organisation promoting intercultural diversity?

Let your customers and future employees know about it and use the WEE label!

What is WEE label?

Growing globalisation leads companies and organisation to communicate with different cultures in their interdependent operations. Thus, it is important to detect and analyse issues to be understood by the organisations in their communication with other cultures, more specifically, all that can result in a misinterpretation of the messages sent from one culture to another.

To raise awareness and validate intercultural skills and competences, the WEE label was conceptualised to convey the idea of an enterprise that has successfully implemented a truly European welcoming culture.

The WEE label intends to be a European quality label that can provide a clear signal to job seekers from all European countries that are looking for a job in Europe.

How to get the WEE label?

The WEE Label shall be awarded to those enterprises that follow the well defined EILEEN procedure which consists of a specific training on intercultural and validation topics provided on the EILEEN e-learning platform.

Enterprises have to comply with the following criteria in order to be awarded the WEE Label:

  1. Take the online modules on EILEEN e-learning platform
  2. Apply what you have learnt in the daily work environment
  3. Describe the learning activities that have been promoted in the practice phase
  4.  Assess and ecidence what you have learnt by  passing the self-assessment process by means of LEVEL5 provided on the e-learning platform

What validation approach will be used?

The WEE label will be awarded after the self assessment process by means of the  LEVEL5 system which is specifically designed to assess personal, social and organisational competence developments in rather non- and informal learning settings.

It is based on a 3-dimensio­nal approach to validate cog­nitive, activity related and affective learning outcomes – the LEVEL5 cube.

LEVEL5 is a holistic learning process that benefits the learner, learning providers and host entrepreneurs.

Three good reasons to obtain WEE label?

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Enhancing Intercultural Learning in European Enterprises