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Our way to a welcoming European enterprise

winners klein_iEILEEN Award

A competition that aims to promote intercultural learning in European businesses

The motto: Our way to a welcoming European enterprise

In the framework of our EILEEN project we are looking for innovative initiatives and activities that promote the development of intercultural competences in an innovative way.

The prize: A 2-day trip to Athens in September 2016.

Find out the details here.


EILEEN multiplier events

cropped-PB261263.jpgIn these weeks the EILEEN partner will inaugurate the piloting phase with a series of multiplier events. These aim to make our potential learners familiar with our training and validation offer and  with the benefits of having learning outcomes validated.
If you are interested to take part in one of the event, please check where our partners are based and get into contact to find out the date.